Zero Install Portable 2.3.9 Freeware

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Zero Install Portable 2.3.9 Freeware

A decentralized cross-distribution software installation system

Zero Install Portable is a handy and reliable tool especially intended for software developers that want to install application without the need of root privileges. If you have a web-site, you can distribute your software: · Create one package that works everywhere · With dependency handling and automatic updates · There is no central point of control  Security is central: · Users don’t need administrator access just to install a word-processor · Digital signatures are always checked before new software is run · Users share libraries without having to trust each other · Use of sandboxes and virtualisation is routine You control your own computer: · You don’t have to guess what happens during installation · Mix and match stable and experimental programs on a single system  
Here are some key features of “Zero Install Portable”:
  • Security is central
  • You can control your own computer
  • Shared binaries/cache
  • Automatic updates
  • Binary and source packages
  • Native package manager integration
  • Run without granting root privileges
What’s New
  • Fixed crash when environment variable specified in is not set
  • Added 0store purge command to delete all entries from an implementation store (doing this manually is difficult because of the NTFS permissions involved)
  • Introduced new per-user installer for use without administrator permissions
  • A number of minor tweaks and bugfixes

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