WMI Code Generator 8.10 Freeware

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WMI Code Generator 8.10 Freeware

Generate Batch, C#, F#, Ruby, VB .NET, JScript, KiXtart, Object Rexx, Perl, PowerShell, Python or VBScript code

WMI Code Generator was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to generate Batch, C#, F#, JScript, KiXtart, (Open) Object Rexx, Perl, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, VB .NET or VBScript code for menu selected WMI queries. First select a class. The “Properties” and “Methods” fields will show the names of the properties and methods available for the selected class. To get detailed information on a class or a method or property, select that class and method / property, and click the “Help” button. This will open an Internet Explorer window with the relevant MSDN page, or if that page doesn’t exist, a list of Google Search results. Next click one of the “Create … Code” buttons to generate the code that will display all properties of the selected class, and their values, in the scripting language of your choice. Then copy the code to the clipboard, and paste it into your favorite scripting editor. After some optional “pruning”, save your own custom WMI script.
What’s New
  • Update notification is now a MsgBox dialog instead of an inserted HTML block in the main window.
  • Each command line argument can now be saved in a configuration file “WMIGen.cfg”; just write the settings you wish to persist on a single line (e.g. /WIN32 /NOPERF /LANGUAGE:BATCH), and it will be appended to the actual command line; “real” command line arguments prevail over saved settings.
  • A checkbox “Remember these settings” has been added in the “Configure” block to allow creating a basic “WMIGen.cfg” file.

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