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Winplot 1.55 FreewareWorking with functions and equations is specific to the field of mathematics and oftentimes it is necessary to accompany an explanation by the corresponding graph. Many dedicated utilities for plotting such charts and diagrams are available for anyone who needs them. Among those tool, Winplot aims to provide a simple manner of creating visual representations of various math formulae. The seemingly austere interface hides a lot of functions that are not visible at a first glance and which require starting a new project to become active. You will have to choose the type of graph you need to create and from the ‘Window’ menu opt for either two-dimensional or three-dimensional surfaced. Mapping can be also customized from the same menu, while a special feature, called ‘Guess’ is also to be found in there. Winplot can estimate an equation, or simply generate one randomly, then draw the graph on its own, allowing you to make adjustments afterwards. There are many adjustments that can be made for this particular feature, including selecting coordinates, tables, axis scale or labels. The grid can also be subject to change and the intervals or the axes can be configured on the fly. One of the most interesting traits of this software solution is its ability to create animated shapes and surfaces. The parameters can be set individually and there are several types of equations to choose from: explicit, parametric, implicit, cylindrical and spherical. Thanks to an impressive array of functions and a wide variety of customizations, Winplot offers its users lots of possibilities and is able to cater to almost any need insofar as graphs are concerned. The rather small package it comes in is another advantage and, overall, the application manages to serve it purpose very well. Winplot is an easy to use and lightweight plotting software. You can use it to generate graphs for mathematical equations and plot math functions. With Winplotk, you can easily animate your graphs and edit their appearance. It can be used to create both 2D and 3D graphs.

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