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Webcam 7 Free Build 36960 Freeware   Webcam 7 is a webcam recording and streaming application based on webcamXP, but offers complementary FLV audio and video streaming. Since webcamXP served as the foundation of this new software solution, the interface is basically the same, but the main difference can be recognized in the spec list, as Webcam 7 comes with two additional goodies. First of all, the application supports Flash Video (FLV) audio and video streaming, which is a better way to benefit from a higher frame rate with low bandwidth. Secondly, Webcam 7 allows MPEG recording with audio support, while all the other features included in webcamXP are available here too. The application supports multiple video sources, including PCI and USB devices, network cameras, local files (AVI, MPEG and WMV), network files and streams. Setting up a server is a matter of a few clicks and the application offers you full control over the connected clients, allowing you to block access of certain IP addresses. In addition, the program comes with a built-in live chat tool, but also with FTP and HTTP upload utilities. Last but not least, Webcam 7 features a so-called “Scheduler” that enables you to schedule actions such as taking screenshots, starting or stopping a recording at a user-defined time and date. Just like webcamXP, Webcam 7 runs on a reasonable amount of computer resources and works on all Windows versions. Still, it supports just a single video source at a time. All in all, Webcam 7 may come in handy to many users out there and the two additional goodies it includes are worth your while.
Webcam 7 Free is a new product based on webcamXP. The Webcam 7 GUI is similar, however it will also offer some interesting enhancements such as: Flash Video (FLV) audio and video streaming (high frame rate for low bandwidth) and  MJPEG recording with audio support. The program also supports and includes a motion detector (optical and/or acoustic detectors), an advanced alerts manager, the ability to log traffic to files and the digital video recorder (permanent recording). Webcam 7 Free is a reliable and efficient software utility that can work as a solution for both surveillance and security purposes.
Requirements: · 512MB Ram · DirectX 9.0 or later · TWAIN compatible webcam (or other source) · Internet Explorer 6.0 Limitations: · Only one resource at a time can be connected What’s New  · RTSP will reconnect automatically when connection is dropped

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