Wakanda Studio 7 Build 7.152232 Freeware

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Wakanda Studio 7 Build 7.152232 Freeware

A simple and user-friendly tool that can help you successfully create applications for the web, providing you with numerous features

Wakanda Studio is an efficient and reliable utility designed to assist you in developing your business web applications. It provides a unified stack running on JavaScript from end-to-end. The platform is built to run on multiple platforms and to be cloud-ready on the back end. You gain the ability to create browser-based data applications that are as fast, stable, and capable as native client / server solutions are on the desktop. Designed from the ground up to be a reliable tool for developers, Wakanda Studio touches on every aspect of your development cycle. You can enjoy an all-inclusive experience that can potentially replace dozens of other tools.
Here are some key features of “Wakanda Studio”:
  • Visual model editor:
  • You no longer need a seperate tool to develop and visualize your data model. Edit your live model with a responsive, complete editor and apply model based data rules in an intelligent GUI. (you can create and edit your model in pure Java too)
  • Drag-and-drop layouts:
  • Build your layouts and views in code or utilize our handy GUI builder. You’ll get stunning layouts up and running in minutes instead of hours. Drag, drop and resize widgets onto the page, and deploy with ease.
  • Manage project resources:
  • You have easy access to management of resources and files within your projects and solutions. Drag and drop between directories and to applicable interface elements and input elements.
  • Full code editor:
  • Modify your HTML, CSS and JavaScript with one complete source code editor. You will enjoy additional productivity with features like code completion and included plug-ins for JSLint and more.
  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
  • Web Browser
What’s New 
  • Wakanda Connector Pro:
  • With Wakanda Connector Pro, you can manage distributed Wakanda data stores directly in Wakanda Enterprise Studio and manipulate your remote data as if it were stored directly in your Web app.
  • Wakanda Connector Pro also allows you to consolidate data from multiple servers so that your Web app is scalable.
  • MySQL Connector:
  • This connector allows you to connect your Wakanda application with any MySQL database server and execute any SQL statement on it. You can then manipulate datasets in your Web app.
  • Microsoft SQL connector:
  • As with the MySQL Connector, you can access and manage your Microsoft SQL Server directly in Wakanda Enterprise Studio.
  • Never load images if not necessary:
  • Images and BLOBs now have a cache option that allows you to define the length of time an image or BLOB is stored in your browser’s client-side cache. This feature considerably increases the performance of any pages that retrieve images or BLOBs from the data store.
  • Model Designer and Co…

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