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Vithma Cool Text FreewareVithma Cool Text provides you with a minimalistic application that aims to assist you in making your text look truly original. While it can also be used as a simple text editor, it is mainly intended for creating texts that can be inserted into instant messaging conversations or social website comments. Formatting a text and changing its style can be done using any word processing application, but the output type depends on the installed fonts. Vithma Cool Text provides you with more formatting options, allowing you to apply the style you like most. The text input pane occupies most of the interface, which also comprises options for choosing the formatting style, as well as basic editing tools to copy, paste, clear the text area or apply the chosen font. Aside from changing the font, Vithma Cool Text is capable or radically transforming your text. It can turn letters into certain symbols (such as currency symbols), insert symbols between two consecutive characters (such as Valentine Day’s hearts), make the text blurry or even display it in reverse or up-side down. There are styles that fit each letter into a small box or a circle, while the ‘Sorcerer’ style makes your text worthy of being included in a mystical, ancient spell book. The ‘Hacker’ mode displays the encypted version of the string sequence, while enabling the ‘Symbol’ function enables you to insert certain emoticons and symbols into your document. In case you made a mistake, Vithma Cool Text can help you undo it with the dedicated function. Unfortunately, just one undo level is possible. The application features character replacing options, as well as text, line and word counting. Vithma Cool Text enables you to add a bit of originality to your online comments and chat conversations. While it could use improvements to add to its value (for instance, you cannot select another style while another is already applied), it is worth a try, especially since it comes without a price tag. Vithma Cool Text provides you with a simplistic application that allows you to format a text in an original way. You can apply one of the many format algorithms and preview the result within a user-friendly interface. The output can be easily saved locally or copied and pasted on social websites.

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