VisualCron 7.0.8 Build 16451 Trial

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VisualCron 7.0.8 Build 16451 Trial

A utility that provides advanced file/script execution, document transfer, desktop macro recording, SQL execution and monitoring as well as system control

VisualCron is a complex yet easy to use application designed to help you create a wide array of Windows automation tasks. With VisualCron  you are able to automate tedious and repetitive tasks, eliminate human errors, perform unattended work, as well as handle, react and notify on system problems and data errors.
Here are some key features of “VisualCron”:
  • No programming or scripting skills are needed
  • Built-in Tasks for all needs which lets you automate everything in one application
  • Intuitive interface for designing Jobs and Tasks
  • automate tedious and repetitive Tasks
  • The VisualCron Client is used for configuring the VisualCron Server
  • The VisualCron Tray Client notifies you in the desktop when Jobs start/stop. It also acts as an agent for Foreground execution mode.
  • The VisualCron Client and VisualCron Tray Client are both utilizing the VisualCron API. The API provides a way for the clients to configure and control the VisualCron Server. The API itself can be used with your own applications to read and execute against the VisualCron Server.
  • The VisualCron Server performs the actual Execution of Jobs and Tasks. The Server runs in the background as a Windows service – no need to login to desktop.
  • Connect unlimited clients at once to a Server
  • Control VisualCron securely locally or across Internet
  • A Job can contains one or more Tasks which can be set to run in order or in parallel
  • The Job can be set to run once, randomly or if missed – run once at start
  • It is possible to export/import Jobs across Servers, by file or drag’n drop
  • Jobs are updated in real-time in the VisualCron Client interface
  • Nag screen
  • 45 days trial
What’s New 
  • [FEATURE] Client: Various improvements to UI of Notifications and Flows
  • [BUGFIX] Client/Server: Fixed a permissions problem
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed an issue in the Archive – compress Task
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a problem with Oracle DirectMode and “License error”
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a problem with Excel Create Task and using Variables as input (could result in no file creation)
  • [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a problem with Set Variable Task (XML error) when containing “forbidden” characters like &
  • [BUGFIX] Client: Fixed a wrong message when exporting all settings

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