Visual Paradigm for UML Viewer Edition 11.0 Build 20131217

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Visual Paradigm for UML Viewer Edition 11.0 Build 20131217

A reliable, practical and versatile application that helps you to automatically open VP projects and analyze diagrams, classes, actors and relations

Visual Paradigm for UML Viewer Edition is a comprehensive and straightforward software solution that provides users with a simple means of viewing and analyzing VP projects. Visual Paradigm for UML Viewer Edition aims to provide users with an intuitive interface that helps them preview UML diagrams, actors and even classes.  Moreover, you have the possibility to select the current diagrams and change its tagged values, view all the operations, goals and relations, as well as to configure the constraints.
What’s New 
  • NEW:
  • Use Case List
  • Capture software functions with the help of Use Case List. A use case represents a high level function that yields a measurable result of values. The Use Case List provides a high level view of what the user want to achieve by using the software.
  • Actor List:
  • The Actor List is where you can record and manage the roles who will be using the system. The goals of actors can be recorded, and be further derived into use cases to use in detailed use case analysis and use case modeling.
  • Requirement List:
  • Requirement is what your clients want and what your team have to fulfill. It is so important that needs to be managed carefully. The Requirement List provides a well-organized approach in organizing and viewing requirements.
  • Use Case Notes:
  • When you meet with user in knowing his/her needs, you will be told a lot of information that is relevant and important to the development of the system. The Use Case Note provides you with a notepad for writing down what he/she said…

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