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USB Monitor (DMS) TrialUSB Monitor, also known as Device Monitoring Studio (DMS) is a tool that can be used for monitoring all the USB devices that are connected to your computer and keeping an eye on the data transfers. Its purpose is to help you make sure that all your devices are functioning properly. Analyze USB protocols and capture transferred data The application acts as a monitoring, diagnostic and interface testing utility, enabling you to intercept and analyze sent and received data packets between the USB host controller and applications that run on your computer. USB Monitor keeps an eye on every USB port and displays data flows in binary, ASCII and hex format, providing you with the required tools for analyzing the data and performing debugging operations. Easy to work with interface Its main window integrates a tree-view device organizer that shows organized lists of all the connected devices, along with detailed connection information regarding the device descriptors. You can use it to view transmitted raw data in real-time and decode packets to access their content, with extra options to set the encoding mode. The available toolset enables you to define patterns and configure color schemes for easier identification. Write and edit USB protocols More experienced users can write new protocol files for USB devices, making use of the integrated editor, which features syntax highlighting, comment insertion and line numbering. Configuration files can be exported for later retrieval. Proxy support, session recording, customizable toolbar and data filtering are other features that this application comes with. A real asset for developers and tech-support departments USB Monitor (DMS) can assist you in analyzing and debugging USB protocols, capturing and logging USB communication data. It can prove useful to programmers and developers, as well as IT experts and technicians.
USB Monitor was specially developed as a user-friendly monitoring utility that can spy, capture, view, log, analyze and test USB device activity performing connection traffic analysis with data acquisition and control. You can use this USB acquisition system as connection testing and diagnostic tool, modem data transfer viewer, packet analyzer, interface tester and so on. USB Monitor can be successfully used for monitoring data flow between USB devices and Windows application, debugging port connections, developing, reverse-engineering and implementing protocol, device driver development, hardware development, research the functionality of any third-party software and hardware, testing software and hardware. USB Monitor can be successfully used by programmers, software developers, beta-testers, IT support specialists, hardware engineers, science technicians, industrial control personnel, SCADA software engineers, lab experts, systems integrators, consultants or University students.
Here are some key features of “USB Monitor (DMS)”:
  • displaying monitored USB Request Blocks (URBs) – URB View visualizer
  • displaying monitored packets in a table – Packet View visualizer
  • session recording
  • playing back the recorded data
  • graphical data analyzis
  • 512MB RAM
  • 512MB free HDD space
  • 14 days trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Playback of sub-range:
  • Playback of the portion of log file in USB Monitor has been fixed. Note that this release changes the format of log file.
  • Playback improvements:
  • The performance and stability of Playback on high speeds have been improved.
  • Coloring page fixed:
  • Changing font size on the Coloring page has an effect now (Tools » Settings).
  • Protocol List window fixed:
  • Delete now works correctly in Protocol List window.
  • Updated Features:
  • Log file format change:
  • Due to fixing a bug in USB Monitor Playback, the format of log files has been changed. Old log files are still supported, but new log files will not be playable in previous versions of Device Monitoring Studio.

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