USB Guard 1.6 Freeware

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USB Guard 1.6 FreewareUSB removable devices are widely used for transferring data from one computer to another, but this comes with a risk. To be more specific, files stored on flash drives or other similar mediums can carry around viruses or other types of threats that can spread to the host machine. Fortunately, there are software utilities out there that can scan connected drives in order to make sure that this does not happen and one of them goes by the name of USB Guard. As you might figure out by simply reading its name, the main purpose of this application is to ensure that the content of your USB device is safe and does not infect the PC. It runs silently in the system tray and only pops up when a new device is connected. USB Guard is intended to immediately identify and delete the autorun viruses that your flash drives might contain. As such, it allows you to perform scans for each detected drive (removable or not), in order to find viruses or malicious files and remove them from the computer. Additionally, you can use it to add the autorun.inf file on the selected media device in order to protect newly inserted drives, fix errors related to the AutoPlay function in the system registry and reveal hidden files and folders on a target portable drive. USB Guard can open any identified drive safely and comes in handy for enabling or deactivating the AutoPlay function for CDs, DVDs and USB devices. The application also comprises a startup management section and a process monitoring tool, allowing you to keep an eye on PC actions and detect unusual activity easier, which might be a sign of possible intrusions. USB Guard helps you take precaution measures in order to ensure that your system does not get infected via USB transfers. Used alongside a permanent security solution, it can be of great use to anyone. USB Guard is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you protect your USB devices from being infected. The application also includes a process manager and a startup monitoring tool to help you keep an eye on all the system activity.

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