Universal Media Server 3.2.0 Freeware

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Universal Media Server 3.2.0 Freeware

A highly configurable media server that supports devices which have received the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification

Universal Media Server is an application based on PS3 Media Server. It allows you to share media folders over a server. The application supports any device capable of DLNA. It is highly configurable, allowing you to change networking settings, but also the video transcoding options. With the help of Universal Media Server you have the possibility to stream or transcode various media formats.
What’s New 
  • General:
  • Added font cache generation for FFmpeg on startup
  • Added the ability for users to set their own server name
  • Added example virtual folders file in the profile directory
  • The virtual folders file is now loaded from the profile directory instead of the installation directory
  • Made seeking more accurate with FFmpeg
  • When FFmpeg muxes, it always uses tsMuxeR
  • Improved compatibility with videos with unusual colorspaces
  • Improved compatibility when transcoding to H.264 via FFmpeg
  • Improved compatibility with video with HE-AAC audio
  • Improved compatibility when using tsMuxeR via FFmpeg
  • Improved compatibility with high-resolution videos such as 3D-SBS and 3D-OU
  • Fixed resume files causing a startup crash
  • Fixed some settings causing a crash
  • Fixed bug with FFmpeg subtitles
  • Languages:
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • External Components:
  • Updated FFmpeg to builds from 2013-11-27, which:
  • Adds support for HEVC (H.265)
  • Improves seeking accuracy
  • Improves AV sync
  • Fixes memory leaks
  • Optimizes AC-3 decodin…

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