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Treexy Driver Fusion FreewareIf you are novice in terms of computers, you have probably been warned that it is not a good idea to uninstall system drivers as your devices might stop working properly or crash. While this is in fact a good recommendation, there are also some apps that can help you safely remove the said drivers, such as Treexy Driver Fusion. You will need to pay attention when installing this software utility, especially to the third-party offers bundled in the installer. The interface of the application displays a series of devices, and you can select the one whose driver you are planning to remove. Once you located the manufacturer of the device (be it chipset, display, keyboard, mouse, network, printer, sound, storage or Universal Serial Bus), you can start removing the entire driver family, thus getting rid of all associated files and registry keys. You can also rely on Treexy Driver Fusion to create a backup of your desktop layout and screen resolution, then restore it whenever needed. Additionally, you can also explore the details that were logged after you removed a driver, which can come in handy if you had problems with it in the first place, as this can help you identify the issue. When the application is operated by an expert, they can set it to allow selection of multiple driver families simultaneously, thus spending less time removing the faulty drivers and focusing more on finding functional ones. All in all, Treexy Driver Fusion can be a handy solution for all those who want to remove various system drivers, but also want to make sure their PC will still work. Nonetheless, if you want access to all its functions, you will need to purchase a license and unlock all the features.
Treexy Driver Fusion is a handy and reliable application that helps you manage your system drivers. You can use it to safely uninstall old driver versions, thus ensuring that your PC runs at its optimal performance. The program can detect and uninstall keyboard and mouse drivers, as well as sound and graphic card drivers. Furthermore, it can backup your icon layout and screen resolution. Note: The free version has some limitations (Automatic Updates, Device Control, Enhanced Removal Mode, Cloud Driver Database, System Protection, One-click overview). In order to remove them, you need to upgrade to the Premium version.
Here are some key features of “Treexy Driver Fusion”:
  • Smart Removal:
  • The application scans the system in order to safely remove the selected system drives
  • Driver Database:
  • Automatic detection of system drives
What’s New
  • New features:
  • Premium16 Driver online – In device control you can now download drivers for your devices with ease. This is not only useful for devices without drivers, but also if you want to update your existing driver. The online driver database is constantly updated with new drivers, but achieving a solid collection is going to take some time to complete.
  • Premium16 Driver backup – Community suggested feature – Driver Fusion will now ask you to select a backup location first. The last ten backup locations are automatically remembered.
  • Premium16 Driver backup – Backups made with device control now support information files with multiple platforms and operating systems.
  • History – The log and restore screen have been combined into a single history screen, allowing quicker access to common information.
  • Changed features:
  • Premium16 Device control – Devices are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation.
  • Interface – Data grids now automatically wrap the text …
Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:
  • Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars) that the program does not require to fully function

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