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Traktor 2.6.8 TrialWhen in need of a professional DJ software, one recommendation is Traktor, a powerful solution for both novice and advanced users. Traktor’s engine enables DJs to mix and combine tracks while allowing for live performances in a comfortable, stress-free manner. With an easy installation process, Traktor deploys itself silently on your computer and in a decent amount of time. When launching the application, a Setup Wizard prompts users to make the necessary accommodations. This first step lets you configure basic audio and MIDI settings and resets all the other preferences to their default values. Traktor’s interface has a professional, elegant look, with all the features accessible from the main window. Professional DJs should not find it hard to learn how to use it, although beginners could spend quite an amount of time untangling its features and behavior. The rich documentation section provides extended help manuals to ease the process of understanding the software usage. Traktor boasts a friendly environment, with stylish multi-color pads and TruWave colored waveforms to ensure a stimulating visual experience. It comes with a maximum of 4 playback decks, up to 32 effects to give your mixes a personal touch, a four channel mixer and sample decks for live remixing. Traktor also includes a wide set of original loops and sounds: drum, bass, percussion, house, techno or trance to name a few. It also allows users to grab loops from the currently playing track and save it in a special library, while the Loop Recorder enables to record live loops from single or multiple channels. Traktor makes the DJ experience worthwhile, by encasing the powerful engine that any professional turntablist needs to create original content. The intuitive interface, together with the state-of-the art mixing technology provides all the means that DJs needs to spin.
Tracktor is the most powerful and versatile DJ software on the market. Tracktor was designed to help you mix your tracks, but it also includes live remixing features that enable you to combine your tracks and loops in a non-linear way. Tracktor is the world-renowned, rock-solid 4-deck DJ program that gets you mixing straight out the box. Now with Tracktor Technology Inside, this version boasts a new interface with TruWave colored waveforms for a visually rich experience of your music. Note: In order to download the application, you need to provide a valid e-mail address.
Here are some key features of “Traktor”:
  • Optimized user interface + Truwave:
  • With an easy on the eye interface, including Essential View and the new TruWave hi-res colored waveforms, TRAKTOR software is now easier to use than ever:
  • TruWave waveforms offer a whole new dimension to your mix – differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares and anticipate your mix
  • Thanks to various zoom levels, set up tighter cue points than ever before
  • The overview of the whole track (“stripe”) clearly displays the track’s arrangement with full detail
  • New layouts, including Essential View for maximum ease-of-use when using TRAKTOR with external mixer and controller(s)
  • Sample Decks:
  • With the innovative Sample Decks containing four slots each, you can enter the world of live remixing and editing in ways unimaginable before:
  • Grab and layer your own loops or use the included loop content. Create one-shot samples or use the included DJ Craze scratch sounds
  • Grab loops live out of a running deck, store your favorites in the loop library, and develop your own arsenal of beats and sounds
  • Layer up loops in perfect sync with the decks
  • Tweak the volume and filter for each Sample Deck slot separately
  • 2 different sizes for the Sample Decks; each of the 4 decks can be switched from track deck to Sample Deck and vice versa, on the fly
  • New effects:
  • TRAKTORadds 4 stunning, much–requested new effects, taking the total to 32, all syncing to track or master tempo.
  • Tape Delay, Ramp Delay, Bouncer and Auto Bouncer join the arsenal of professional DJ effects, taking the potential for sound mangling to the extreme
  • With a multi-channel audio interface such as the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 you can now use TRAKTOR effects as an independent send / receive effects unit
  • Included loop content:
  • TRAKTOR software includes amazing loops and sounds from in-demand sound providers for use with the new Sample Decks.
  • 40 original loops and 10 full tracks drawn from Loopmasters’ new DJ Mixtools series, plus additional scratch sounds by DMC Champ DJ Craze
  • Drum, bass, percussion and synth loop in dubstep, minimal, house, techno and trance styles
  • Grab loops from any playing track in seconds, and save them in the loop library
  • Loop Recorder:
  • With the brand-new Loop Recorder in TRAKTOR, you can record live loops from any channel (single or multiple), the live input feeds, or the master output.
  • Trigger the recording using a foot pedal, a DJ controller such as TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 or a keyboard hot key
  • Overdub on top of the running loop in real time, creating additional layers and heightening dramatic FX buildups and peaks
  • Works like a 5th deck. You can transfer the layered loop into a Sample Deck slot instantly, freeing up the Loop Recorder for further use
  • Ease-of-use:
  • Waveforms:
  • The new TruWave hi-res colored waveforms aren’t just easier to read, they offer a whole new dimension to your mix.
  • Differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares and mix your tracks visually
  • Set up more accurate cue points and Beat Grids for even tighter mixes
  • Track stripe clearly displays the track’s arrangement for better mix anticipation
  • Track preparation:
  • With TRAKTOR it’s easy to find and prepare your tracks, allowing you to keep your focus on the dance floor.
  • Full iTunes integration / iPod compatibility for fast and efficient searches
  • Search through tracks via Crate Flick cover art browsing, just like a vinyl crate
  • Auto track analysis, BPM detection and beat-gridding offer help for instant track preparation
  • Mixer:
  • If you choose to use the TRAKTOR PRO 2 software without a controller or external gear, you’ll find a powerful, intuitive, built-in mixer.
  • Assignable crossfader with adjustable curve to suit your mixing style
  • 3-band EQ with kills modeled after analog mixers to color your sound
  • Independent effects units per channel and one-knob HP/LP filter per channel
  • Sync:
  • Ultra-precise auto beat detection and its world-renowned sync engine makes TRAKTOR a cinch to use for locking down the mix.
  • Beat-match track tempos perfectly at the press of a button
  • All track decks, Sample Decks and Loop Recorder loops are perfectly tempo-synced to the master deck
  • Alternatively, sync all decks, samples loops, and effects to a master tempo and run TRAKTOR with external gear such as MASCHINE
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Sound Card
  • Session runs for only 30 minutes
  • Recording is disabled
  • The Save and Total Recall functions are disabled
What’s New
  • New Controller Editor now allows full MIDI mapping of KONTROL Z1, S2 MK2, S4 MK2 and X1 MK2
  • This update fixes a crash caused by m4a files which contain cover art and were edited in version 2.6.6

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