TrackChecker Portable 1.0.8 (b360) Beta Freeware

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TrackChecker Portable 1.0.8 (b360) Beta Freeware

A powerful tracking software

TrackChecker Portable is a handy application that can be used by all those who deal with couriers and postal services on a regular basis. Not only can you add each product separately, but you can also easily track its progress as the software tool allows you to assign different colors according to your preferences. You can also download TrackChecker (installer version)
What’s New
  • New “Reload” button on CAPTCHA input dialog
  • Connection type icon in status bar with popup menu
  • Offline QR-Code generator (uses Quricol library) in place of online google QR-gen.
  • New command line parameter: fixxml, fixing unloadable data files with wrong symbols. Call example: trackchecker.exe -fixxml:”c:\trackchecker\data.xml”
  • Some improvements of site parser engine
  • Fixed infinite tracks update, if no needed codepage is installed in OS.
  • Fixed bug with AM/PM time decoding (UPS will work now again)
  • Fixed bug with wrong character pasting in description/comment/track fields.
  • Fixed multiline ouput in tracks tree, broken after tree component update in previous beta-version
  • Fixed other minor bugs

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