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TracerPlus Desktop DemoDeveloping a new mobile application is quite a hard job. Since search engines are at your disposal in order to help you find the best solutions when it comes to developing and designing a new mobile app, it is hard to hold to one specific utility. There are various programming languages that facilitate the development of mobile apps and here we are talking about Java, for example, that comes in handy for users who need to create Android mobile apps. Not only it comes with support for various Android versions, but it also provides you with a full-featured emulator that helps you test the functionality of your app. Still, you need to be a good connoisseur of these programming languages when you decide to create mobile apps. Because of the advanced libraries and components that each computer language comes with, you might get stuck when developing such apps. However, if you are a novice in this development area and you are still eager to create your own mobile app, you can use TracerPlus Desktop with ease. The application comes with a practical and user-friendly interface and allows non-programmers to develop their own mobile apps in minutes. Using TracerPlus Desktop you have the possibility to quickly control the look and feel of your mobile forms using an intuitive drag and drop environment similar to most publishing programs. When running these kinds of mobile apps, you need to make sure that your system does contain a mobile client so you can test the created app. This way, you need to install a proper mobile client onto your system so TracerPlus Desktop can do its job well done. All in all, TracerPlus Desktop proves to be a reliable solution that enables you to decide what data you want to gather and assign to field names and easily deploy mobile apps to any Windows Mobile or Android device, tablet or barcode terminal.
TracerPlus Desktop is a comprehensive and reliable program that allows you to quickly create custom mobile barcode and RFID apps. Whether you are managing a warehouse, tracking assets or performing an inventory audit, you need mobile software that is easy to develop and flexible when modifications are needed. This way, by using TracerPlus Desktop you have the possibility to quickly deploy these kinds of apps.
Here are some key features of “TracerPlus Desktop”:
  • Configurable font face, size, color and style.
  • Custom background images.
  • Export to single file (.tpe).
  • E-mail and text message capabilities for instant reporting and alerts.
  • Limited to 32 data capture sessions
  • Limited to 10 data capture fields
  • Limited to 255 data characters per field
  • Some features are disabled:
  • Enhanced RFID Read Speed with Data Grid Caching
  • GPS Coordinate Capture Fields
  • Signature Capture Fields
  • Multi-Session Lookup Tables
  • Source Table Updating
  • Data Lookup capability for all field types including images
  • Conditional Lookups with AND / OR references
  • Redesigned Calculation Configuration Interface
  • String Concatenation
What’s New 
  • Database sync configuration settings with TracerPlus Connect integration.
  • Live License Registration via TracerPlus Desktop Client Manager.
  • Enhanced data grid configuration buttons.
  • Configurable data navigation buttons.
  • Configurable sync data from device button.
  • E-mail and text message capabilities for instant reporting and alerts.
  • Configurable RFID to read and write commands. (Requires Motorola “Z” devices)
  • Data Lookup capability for all field types.
  • Dynamic Parsing.
  • Configurable SmartForm selection directs scanned data to pre-defined field.

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