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TouchCopy 12.18 DemoTouchCopy is designed to help you perform content transfers between your iPod or other iOS device and your computer. It is compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad versions and allows you to backup multimedia files, apps, messages, contacts, audio books, call logs, calendars and so on. One of the main advantages of this application is that it allows you to safely restore your iTunes library in case you lost it due to data corruption or system infection. Not only that you can transfer all your music and video back to iTunes, but TouchCopy can prevent iTunes from re-syncing your device, thus ensuring that your playlists, song details, ratings and artwork are safe. The software automatically detects the connected iOS device, enabling you to browse content using its intuitive interface. It displays all the music files (and recognizes music metadata, artists, albums and cover arts), podcasts, photos and allows you to view and manage calendars, contacts, notes, memos and more. The built-in player enables you to listen to your iPod music even if iTunes is not installed on your computer. Unlike other similar applications, TouchCopy can transfer all the data stored on your iOS device to your PC (not only the music and videos). Thus, you can use it to extract and copy your SMS conversation logs, voicemails, address book entries, calendars, notes and ringtones. In addition to this, it can also backup content to internal or external hard drives. Once the transfer is finished, TouchCopy displays what songs have and haven’t been copied in the ‘Reports’ section, allowing you to view the songs that still need to be transferred. File renaming options, iPod searching capabilities and ease of use are other features that TouchCopy comes with. It provides you with a simple solution for copying just about anything on you iPod or other iOS device and restoring your iTunes library.
TouchCopy was designed to help you easily transfer your personal files from your iPod or iPhone to your PC and safely restore your iTunes library in case you lost it. TouchCopy is the ‘must have’ tool for anyone who has lost their iTunes content either by replacing their computer or due to any kind of data corruption. Cleverly, TouchCopy will prevent iTunes from attempting to re-sync your iPod, iPhone or iPad while TouchCopy is running. With just a few clicks, TouchCopy will soon get your iTunes content back for you, and not just your music – everything will be restored – your Playlists, Videos, Podcasts, Photos, Apps, Games, iBooks, contacts, calendars, notes, voice mails, SMS and more.
Here are some key features of “TouchCopy”: · Using TouchCopy will ensure that your iPod data stays safe – TouchCopy will prevent iTunes from syncing your iPod, iPhone or iPad while it’s running. With just a few mouse clicks and within minutes, you can get all your content back safely. Import Photos from iPod, iPhone and iPad. · Transfer iPhone and iPad Apps to iTunes. · Backup your Messages. · Transfer your iPhone SMS, MMS and iMessages. · Backup iPhone Contacts. · Transfer iPhone Contacts. · Transfer Books from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. · TouchCopy enables disk mode on iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. · View and copy your Internet Bookmarks and History from your iOS device. · With TouchCopy you can view and copy Notes on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. · TouchCopy can save notes from your device to your Mac or PC in standard text format. Requirements: · Suported iPhone and iPod Touch software versions: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4 and 2.0 · Apple iTunes 10 or higher · Microsoft .NET Framework Runtime Limitations: · 100 free copies of songs or videos · Following functional categories will allow you to view your content but not copy: Photos, Books, Calendar, Call Logs, Contacts, Files, Internet, Messages, Notes. What’s New  · Improves iPhone SMS detection and speeds up copying iPhone contacts.

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