TLE ANALYSER 2.7 Freeware

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TLE ANALYSER 2.7 Freeware

Track satellites on the world map, predict their trajectory and extract the primary Keplerian parameters with this simple, yet handy tool

TLE ANALYSER is an accessible and user-friendly application that can decode the TLE (two-line element) of a satellite in order to extract primary Keplerian parameters. The program can also extract the velocity, altitude, period, precession movement etc. Furthermore, TLE Analyser can make satellite position predictions and export TLE parameters to the GMAT format.
What’s New 
  • 2D map:
  • Other track color beyond the first orbit
  • New satellite icon
  • Charts:
  • bug repair for parameters calculation (wrong reference epoch)
  • new option: Number of Periods for “period” unit
  • the plots start at current ascending node
  • Simulation: Manual and Real Time modes
  • Parameters preview in TLE page
  • Bug repair on longitude acceleration calculation (LACC)

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