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Timeline Maker Professional TrialWhen working on a project that requires several steps to complete and it is important to follow each stage to checkout the completion of the required tasks, it is always a good idea to have a detailed plan, with a clear timeline and precise deadlines. For such purposes many software solutions are available on the market and one of them is Timeline Maker Professional. Manage projects from an organized interface This application comes with a rather plain GUI, without any eye-candy elements, but it compensates through a practical layout that makes it easy to build-up a timeline and take care of all the upcoming events. There are several tabs inside the main window and each of them is allocated to a certain feature, so specific data has a well determined place, thus allowing users to access the necessary information without delays. Add events and create presentation ready timeline charts Event data entry is a very simple procedure and for every item that is included on the list it is possible to specify the exact start and end date and time. Customizable categories are ready to be added, as well as other information, which includes place, notes and source. Timeline Maker Professional provides a charting feature that will enable users to build diagrams for the chronology of events. These charts can be personalized in great detail, with a varied choice of themes and styles for events, pictures, annotations and many more. A decent tool for making easy to follow chronologies All things considered, this application packs a good set of features that will surely be of assistance for those who want to organize their work in progress. The many customizations it comes with make it a versatile utility that can accommodate the needs of any user as it is suited for beginners and experienced users alike.
Traditional methods of creating a timeline involve manual processes. This means a high investment in time and cost to build one static timeline. If a need arises to make adjustments to the timeline, whether to add events, adjust times/dates or to correct mistakes, then the process must be redone-incurring more time and cost. Timeline Maker Professional offers you the option to customize and make adjustments to the created timelines.
Here are some key features of “Timeline Maker Professional”:
  • Start creating your first timeline as soon as you launch the software-it’s so easy there is no learning curve
  • Create great looking charts quickly-just click on the chart tab and the chart instantly appears
  • Easily change the appearance of your chart using the built-in library of themes/styles-another time saving feature!
  • Customize the chart by creating your own styles, using corporate colors, or by adding a company logo
  • Include photos or clip-art to visually tell the story
  • Include links to external documents, websites, audio clips and video clips to supplement the data in the chart
  • Color code events and categories for easy visual interpretation
  • Add notes to the chart to annotate the timeline or provide comments to the author
  • Specify the begin and end dates/times for your timescale, or let the program automatically determine this for you
  • Create multiple charts from the same timeline file so you don’t need to create separate data files
  • Label several data fields to meet your requirements so the information is meaningful to you
  • Check for spelling errors using the built-in general, legal and medical dictionaries
  • Save time by importing events from other software applications
  • Export your timeline data to a text file for backup or import into other applications
  • Print on any paper size, even large format printers-enabling you to meet your needs best
  • Publish timeline charts to a common graphic file type (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png) to easily share the presentation with others
  • Output the timeline charts to PDF or HTML for publication or sharing
  • Use the built-in presentation mode to present the timeline chart(s) to a group
  • Insert the chart(s) into Microsoft? PowerPoint slides using the new Timeline Maker PowerPoint menu option
  • Use the exclusive “Package for Sharing” feature that automatically collects all linked files, attached images, documents, etc. and creates a zipped file to transport or send the complete timeline file with confidence
  • 833 MHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 16 Mb free disk space
  • VGA monitor
  • High-speed Internet connection or CD ROM reader
  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later (optional)
  • 7 days trial period
  • Watermark on the output file
What’s New 
  • Added new themes to theme library.
  • Added new fonts including Courier New.
  • Edit events directly on the chart without having to go back to Event Entry.
  • Represent a date range with single or double arrow connectors on Flag Chart.
  • Improved conversion to PDF and HTML.
  • Direct editing of annotations.
  • Sorted category list.
  • User can move license to a new computer by first uninstalling software from old computer (Note: must be connected to Internet).

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