Thea Render 1.2.10 Build 1026 Trial

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Thea Render 1.2.10 Build 1026 Trial

Physically-based unbiased and biased render engine

Thea Render is a physically-based global illumination renderer of high quality. It is a unique renderer that is able to render using state of the art techniques in both biased photorealistic and unbiased modes. The benefit of this software is that it includes its own standalone application that can be used to perform advanced staging operations.
Here are some key features of “Thea Render”:
  • Unbiased Engine:
  • Full Spectral Resolution
  • True Volumetrics
  • True Sub-Surface Scattering
  • True Sun-Pool Caustics
  • Resume/Merge Render
  • Instant Relight
  • Two Sub-Engines
  • Materials:
  • Breakthrough Layering System
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Bump Mapping
  • Normal Mapping
  • Anisotropy
  • Dispersion
  • Custom Fresnel Curve
  • Thin Film Interference
  • IOR Sample Data Support
  • Sub-Surface Scattering
  • Participating Media
  • General Render Features
  • Easy Preset Support
  • Linear Workflow
  • True Motion Blur
  • True Depth of Field
  • Instancing
  • Input/Output:
  • 3DS/OBJ (Import)
  • Native XML
  • Binary Format
  • Modeler Plugins
  • OpenGL support
  • Memory 256Mb Ram (1GB or higher recommended for rendering complex scenes)
  • Resolution 1024×768 or higher, 32-bit color
  • 3-button wheel-mouse recommended

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