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TeamViewer Host 8.0.20935 FreewareTeamViewer Host is a powerful and simple-to-use application that, once installed on one or multiple machines, allows computers using TeamViewer to remotely access them 24/7. It includes options for login/logout and remote system restart. During the installation procedure you are required to supply a password and computer name, as well as pick the components you want to use: TeamViewer Remote Print (print a local document on a remote machine) and TeamViewer VPN (create a Virtual Private Network between the host and guest). At startup you have to share your ID to the remote workstation you want to give access to, along with the password. TeamViewer Host lets you run a video session, make a conference call, use voice over IP, chat with the guest machine, as well as share files easily through a dropbox. The host machine may terminate the connection to the guest or disable control at any time. The program works smoothly and doesn’t cause Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. It has an excellent response time and runs on very low CPU and RAM, so it doesn’t slow down the overall performance of the computer. All in all, TeamViewer Host provides a simple solution to establishing a remote connection to another computer using TeamViewer.
TeamViewer Host is an application that can be used for controlling other computers over the Internet. The tool is running as a system server and allows 24/7 access to remote devices, including login/logout and remote reboot. TeamViewer Host is optimized for server maintenance or home-office access.
Requirements: · Internet connection What’s New · ITbrain integration into TeamViewer. ITbrain offers advanced monitoring checks, asset tracking, and other features · Devices can be assigned to a TeamViewer account to monitor and manage them remotely · Integrated system health checks (disk space, Windows Firewall, Windows Update, antivirus software), that will alert if an failure occurs · Check when a device was last seen online · Improved user experience within the Computers & Contacts list · Optimized entries within the option · Other minor improvements and fixes

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