SysTracer 2.8 Demo

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SysTracer 2.8 Demo

Tool for tracing changes in: files, registry, startup applications and services.

SysTracer is a system utility tool that can analyze your computer for modified files, folders, registry entries, startup applications and windows services. Each scan of SysTracer generates an overview image of your system, image that we callsnapshot. Information related to your files, folders, registry entries, running processes, loaded dlls, startup applications and services is stored in snapshot files for later analysis.  You can create as many snapshots you may want. If you want to see the differences between your system status at two different moments in time simply compare the snapshots you made at these points. You don’t need to worry about remembering the differences. SysTracer will let you save them in a HTML file. Now you can export registry differences between snapshots in .reg files (regedit format) in order to revert undesirable registry changes. The process of recording snapshots takes usually a few minutes depending on your filesystem and registry complexity. Snapshots comparison is very fast – it’s practically done in no time. Furthermore, this application comes with an intuitive GUI that you can get accustomed with in a few minutes.
Here are some key features of “SysTracer”:
  • Take snapshot of files and folders
  • Take snapshot of registry entries
  • Take snapshot of startup applications: Only logon & services
  • Unlimited number of snapshots
  • Scan only files, registry or applications
  • Comparing snapshots Limited number
  • of differences
  • View snapshot content
  • Export differences to HTML file
  • Export entire registry key in regedit files format
  • Export registry differences between snapshots to regedit files
  • Jump to registry key
  • Jump to folder
  • Only 5 snapshots are allowed
  • You cannot export or import snapshots
  • Remote scanning is disabled
What’s New
  • Added information about installed programs and windows components.
  • Reports general look improved, better table of contents.
  • Added new options to filter by system files in files differences report.
  • Snapshot storage size reduced.
  • Better handling of registry and folder links.

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