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SyReach Notes Actinium Release 26 TrialOne of the ways to increase productivity at the office is to create notes of each task, so as to organize all the ongoing and future projects. SyReach Notes can help you make the most of your notes, as it enables you to connect, classify or link notes with additional files and information. The application features a neatly organized graphic interface, so you can easily start creating your notes without needing to go through lengthy documentation.  You will be required to create an account so as to be able to access the main window of SyReach Notes – a list with all the current notes is displayed every time you launch the application so you can select an existing one and continue working or you can add a new record. When it comes to creating a new note, you can either paste a block of text or you can type new sentences, then format the text as you see fit (bold, italic, underline) or change its style (heading, title, quote, comment or regular). You can also highlight certain fragments or paragraphs whenever you want to make sure they are easily noticeable. In order to make sure you can easily organize and search your notes, you can assign them relevant tags which in turn can have custom colors and brief comments. A special function of SyReach Notes is the grabber which enables you to import text excerpts, pictures, files or web bookmarks, then connect them to existing notes or tags. All in all, SyReach Notes can prove a handy application for all those who want to increase their productivity when working on several projects simultaneously. A license will need to be purchased by all users who want to unlock the app’s full functions.
SyReach Notes helps you to manage the flow of information required for your job and your hobbies, and build reusable knowledge out of it. SyReach Notes helps you to keep your valuable information safe, and reusable.
  • Limited to 100 notes
  • 60 days trial period

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