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Subtitles Synchronizer FreewareYou can easily guess what Subtitles Synchronizer does just by reading its name. It is designed to lend you a helping hand in modifying time stamps of a subtitle file, in the attempt to synchronize it with the corresponding movie frames. Ease of use is one of the main characteristics of the application, which features a forthright interface, with intelligible options. Its compatibility range is limited to SUB and SRT files, but since these two are the most commonly-used formats, it should be more than enough for regular users. Subtitles Synchronizer displays the loaded subtitle file within a structured table that includes all the text lines, along with the original time stamp. You can easily edit the time that corresponds to each line and as you do so, all the following lines are automatically shifted. In addition to this, it enables you to modify the text, which can prove useful in case you spotted a misspelled word. The application features unlimited undo levels, allowing you to restore the original time for a line in case a mistake was made. To make things easier, the subtitle content is divided into different chapters, based on long moments of silence identified by the application. Alternatively, you can perform this manually, by using the designated menu of Subtitles Synchronizer. Chapters can be easily merged back, if needed. While there are more advanced subtitle editing utilities that can do more, Subtitles Synchronizer keeps things simple, helping you shift a subtitle’s time stamp and sync it to the last thousandth of a second. It allows you to easily modify the timing of a subtitle file and then really enjoy watching the movie. Subtitles Synchronizer is a nice-looking, user-friendly program designed to synchronize subtitles on a video. Whenever you’re watching a video with time-shifted subtitles, you may simply pause it, quickly synchronize the subtitles with this tool and keep on enjoying your video. Subtitles Synchronizer gives you the tool to synchronize every subtitle file, no matter what makes your file time-shifted. Should your file be fragmented, with a different frame rate, or simply start at a different time, this tool allows you to correct any problem efficiently.

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