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Stop Cut 2.1 FreeProtecting the information stored onto a computer and keeping private things confidential requires some dedicated utilities that are not limited to antivirus or firewall programs. For example, securing an internet or network connection and preventing external intrusions can be achieved by means of a small but efficient tool like StopCut. Essentially a system tray application which runs in the background, this particular software solution targets ARP spoofing attacks and network scanners that try to intercept or stop the data traffic on your LAN. Basically, StopCut acts like a shield for situations like that when someone tries to spoof or copy the MAC address of the server, gateway or of your personal computer in order to capture the information you send and receive. This utility is also efficacious against third-party programs that scan the LAN and try to get IP and MAC addresses in order to allow someone to access remotely a workstation or control the entire network traffic. What StopCut can do is secure the ARP tables on the system it is deployed on and thus render useless any attempt of spoofing or flooding them. These methods are used by hackers to gain access to the data packets exchanged over the LAN by redirecting the traffic to their PC or to one that they control. Apart from the fact that the installation procedure is standard and takes very few time, the interface of StopCut can be characterized as simplistic since it only hosts two buttons, one for starting and the other for stopping the application. On the whole, this small tool does a good job and will surely be a welcomed addition as a supplemental security layer for any computer that may be subject to ARP attacks. Very easy to deploy and use, StopCut is indeed a piece of kit that deserves some attention if you’re looking for some extra protection.
Stop Cut is a simple application that stops ARP poisoning on your LAN (Local Area Connection). Stop Cut will prevent your computer from spoofing programs and protect important information like CC info and passwords. Also it will stop other programs like NET CUT.
Here are some key features of “Stop Cut”:
  • Chat Spying:
  • By redirecting your PC ARP to fake destination other members in your network can see your chat logs and activities and even can record your voice chat , so by using Stop cut you can protect your ARP tables from flood and spoofing and prevent redirection to another destination
  • Stealing Passwords:
  • When accessing any secure pages and require a password user write and send it to its destination but upon redirection by spoofing any one in your LAN can record it and use it
  • Hardware Save:
  • Spoofing or flood can use hardware damage in your network adapter due to over flood and hang up your PC , making your PC blind against this spoofing can protect your hard ware and save it from damage
What’s New 
  • Show your MAC address , Gateway , secure connection for chat logs

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