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SpyShelter Premium 8.9 TrialSpyShelter Premium is an effective and practical anti-monitoring software utility that helps you to protect your system against known and unknown custom compiled spy programs. The usage of the application is quite simple. You can easily view the protection status and allow only the applications you know. You can even exclude files and folders that present malicious behavior and check the current rules on VirusTotal.com, which is a website that provides free checking of files for viruses. Because it comes with a fast and secure processing algorithm, SpyShelter Premium does not slow down your computer while scanning your files and directories for dangerous elements. This way, the application constantly monitors all vulnerable areas of your computer to make sure that your files and important documents are safe. The utility secures all the communications using an advanced keystroke encryption driver and enables you to block spyware from turning on your webcam or recording sound. There are various information-stealing software aimed to capture all data you type on your keyboard and access important documents without your consent. However, using a reliable and secure anti-keylogger you are rest assured that each time a keystroke logger software is detected, you will get notified. With the help of SpyShelter Premium you have the possibility to detect and block all the keyloggers before they cause any damage to the computer, or worse, steal critical data. It protects your passwords, chat messages, credit card numbers, banking information and private interactions. What’s more, you can even restrict the access to system resources such as registry entries and files, as well as protect your PC from shatter attacks. To sum things up, SpyShelter Premium is a steady utility that provides you with real-time protection not only against keyloggers, but also against other suspicious programs.
The Internet is now a vital part of our personal and business lives. With increasing use of online systems, cybercrime also has grown exponentially. Information-stealing software are produced regularly and are used by thieves to steal personal and business information. Keylogging programs (e.g. keyloggers, key recorder, keytrappers, key capture programs, etc.) are developed continuously all over the world. SpyShelter anti keylogger can protect you against attacks that happen even when you do ordinary computer tasks like: typing into your computer, getting screenshots, opening files, and visiting sites. SpyShelter constantly monitors the vulnerable areas of your PC to make sure all keyloggers are detected and blocked before they cause any damage to the computer. SpyShelter antikeylogger system is fast, efficient, and easy-to-use.
Here are some key features of “SpyShelter Premium”:
  • Webcam Logger protection:
  • SpyShelter defends you against hackers who would like to seize control of your webcam, even when it is switched off!
  • Key Logger protection (kernel mode also):
  • SpyShelter Stop-logger ensures that whatever your type into your computer is protected against dangerous people who steal your data! Whatever you enter into your computer will not leak to malicious parties.
  • System Defense:
  • SpyShelter guards your registry, your physical memory (RAM), and other sensitive computer parts and processes so that malicious code cannot be injected to seize control of your PC.
  • Internet security:
  • SpyShelter AntiNetworkSpy protactive module prevents dangerous trojans from stealing your private information while important SSL internet transactions. It also blocks HTTP/HTTPS trojans on user level as well as POP,SMTP,FTP, loggers.
  • Clipboard Logger protection:
  • SpyShelter shields sensitive data that can be found on you Windows clipboard as a result of copying, cutting, and pasting. This software ensures that these information will not be under malicious monitoring by other people.
  • Screen Logger protection:
  • When you take screen-captures, SpyShelter spots suspicious activity that might reveal sensitive data you enter into your computer such as bank account and credit card information.
  • Anti Sound logger:
  • SpyShelter unique security module that protects your system against VOIP sound trojan loggers. Can be useful when you use instant messangers for voice calls. This module also protect you against voice logger from your webcam or built-in microphone.
  • Intel Pentium 300 MHz or higher (or equivalent)
  • 256 MB available RAM
  • 50 MB free space on the hard drive
  • Internet connection (required for product activation and some update features)
  • 14-day trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Added protection against browser extension keyloggers (Firefox)
  • Minor installer updates

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