Speedy Painter 3.2.5 Freeware

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Speedy Painter 3.2.5 FreewareSpeedy Painter is a handy application for anyone who wants to create original drawings. The program aims to provide you with the basic tools in order to put your imagination and skills to work. Windows offers you a drawing tool which can be used for drawing and editing image files. However, Paint fails to provide you with artistic brushes and other tools required to create a high-quality output. Speedy Painter aims to provide you with a more flexible tool that can be used with graphical tablets to create images. The program uses digitizers in order to detect the pen pressure and modify the stroke opacity or size accordingly.  Although it only includes a single brush type, you can personalize the size, hardness and opacity in order to create the desired effect. You also have the option to fine-tune the result by using a texture and modify the brush step. An useful feature is the perspective grid which enables you to paint large landscapes by taking into consideration the depth of field. You can use another image as a reference in order to accurately draw a certain shape. Additional features include the ability to rotate the canvas and to flip the drawing with just one click. The program is based on OpenGL and allows you to save both the image and the drawing process. Thus, you can review the drawing progress within the program interface. An AVI file with all the recorded actions can also be exported. Since experienced users might need multiple brushes and advanced options, Speedy Painter is a good tool for casual users who need a low cost tool for their projects.
Speedy Painter is a lightweight application that allows you to create your own paintings and save them on your computer. It is written in C++ and uses the OpenGL graphics library. The application is capable of detecting pen pressure and control the brush size. You can also rotate or flip the canvas.
Here are some key features of “Speedy Painter”:
  • Reference view that follows zoom! Available using the F3 key
  • Export drawing process into a video: ready to upload it on YouTube!
  • Ability to vary stroke size and/or opacity according to pen pressure (supports Wacom digitizers)
  • Replay of drawing process
  • Import/export drawing process
  • Loading of most common image formats
  • Selection mask
  • Graphic card must support OpenGL 3.0 capabilities
What’s New
  • Improved support of integrated graphics hardware.
  • Improved drawing algorithm.
  • Big improvement with anti-aliasing of lines, this solves a well known problem that occurred expecially when drawing thin lines.
  • Overlay message “created with SpeedyPainter” removed from the exported .avi video.
  • Some modifications in the gradient tool, now you can change the color at the two extremities of the gradient using the same color selector used to change the brush color, instead of additional sliders for hue, saturation and brightness.
  • When applying a gradient inside a selection, the result has now smoother borders.

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