Sony PC Companion 2.10.173 Freeware

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Sony PC Companion 2.10.173 FreewareMobile phones are gradually gaining more and more popularity around the world, and Sony Ericsson used to be one of the manufacturers that appealed to a lot of youngsters worldwide. Even if the company has evolved and changed its name to SONY, there are still numerous people who own and use a Sony phone or tablet on a daily basis, and Sony PC Companion is one of the applications that help them manage their handset data. One simply needs to install the software utility to their PC, then connect the phone to the computer via USB or Wi-Fi. First of all, the tool checks for firmware updates, and if a new one is found, offers to install it immediately onto the connected handset to boost its performance. Moreover, the app’s dashboard also offers users the chance to install some new utilities to their phone. Sony PC Companion can also be used to synchronize the phone’s contacts and calendar to the ones on the computer. Basically, the app backs up the selected device data on the PC, then uploads it to Google, so users need to enter their Google credentials before proceeding with the upload (the same account should be connected on the phone). Once this backup process is complete, users will no longer need to physically connect their phones to be able to sync data between the computer and the phone – cloud storage acts as an intermediary between the two devices, so that contacts and calendars are always in sync. All in all, Sony PC Companion is a feature-packed software solution that can help users sync not only contacts, but also calendar entries, thus saving them time and effort that was typically invested into creating manual backups for this data.
Sony PC Companion is a software that acts as a portal to Sony and operator features and applications, such as phone software updates, online user service connections, and the Sony support and user guides. Users will have the possibility to download and add more applications as soon as they become available. How to use: · Connect the USB cable to your computer and then to the phone. · On the phone: Mount the memory card by dragging the status bar on the phone downwards and then tap USB Connected > Mount. · Wait for the phone to connect and automatically start PC Companion. · From the Dashboard, select the applications to start different services and get information
Requirements: · Internet broadband connection · Intel Pentium 4, 3.6 GHz or equivalent AMD processor · 500 MB free hard disk space · 2 GB RAM · 1 available USB 2.0 port and USB cable

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