Soft4Boost DVD Cloner Demo

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Soft4Boost DVD Cloner Demo

An intuitive and user-friendly application designed to copy DVD content to your computer while preserving the quality of the original files

Soft4Boost DVD Cloner is a handy and reliable program designed to clone DVD discs, copying their content onto your computer. There are four available copying modes: · Entire DVD – with menus and extras · Without Extras – with menus · Only Movies – menus will be removed · User Defined – the user choose the titles to be processed
  • Intel / AMD compatible at 3 GHz or higher (Recommended: Intel Core 2 at 2.4 GHz dual core)
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher (Recommended: 3 GB or higher)
  • Administrative permissions
  • Only 3 discs will be copied

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