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Social Image 1.0.0 FreewareSocial Image is a forthright application that you can use to view images on your computer and apply them various effects to enhance their appearance. On the surface, it might seem to be just another graphic viewer and editing tool with no outstanding features to attract users. But there is one characteristic that makes it a bit more special than that, namely the possibility to easily share pictures with friends and acquaintances. Aside from this, there is nothing really worth noting. The main GUI is simple, organized in two separate panes to allow easy navigation between folders. The left one displays all the directories in tree view, which makes it easy for you to find the one you are looking for, while the right pane shows you thumbnails of found images. Unfortunately, there are some glitches that prevent it us from viewing the thumbnails within the main window. However, when double clicking on an image, the ‘Effects’ window is opened and there, each picture is available for preview. The application includes a set of graphic filters that can be applied to the loaded picture before uploading it online. For instance, you can invert colors, use grey, negative, painting, lightning or sharpen effects, as well as a red or blue filters. On the downside, Social Image does not allow you to select multiple filters at once. A brief description can be added to the picture and then you are ready to publish it online. As soon as you hit the ‘Upload’ button, a new webpage opens in your default browser, allowing you to share the picture on popular social networks and blogs, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. While Social Image could really use some significant improvements in both functionality and looks, the picture sharing option is the only feature that could attract more users. Social Image is an image viewer and editor that allows you to upload your pictures online and share them with others much easier. The list of  the graphic filters supported by the application includes gray, sharpen,  soften, atomization, painting, lightning, etc, all allowing you to add effects to your images.

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