SNMP Agent Builder 6.5.16 Trial

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SNMP Agent Builder 6.5.16 Trial

Develop SNMP agents with this tool

SNMP Agent Builder is a reliable utility that is capable of creating two different types of SNMP agents. SNMP Agent Builder can be used to build monolithic agents or extensible agents with master/subagent architecture based on AgentX technology. An intuitive GUI is provided for automating a wide variety of SNMP agent development tasks, including automatically generating agent Java source code from MIBs, incremental agent development etc. All SNMP versions (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3) are fully supported both on SNMP agent and manager sides. Many complex SNMP issues, such as SNMPv3 USM/VACM and inter-table indexing, are already handled in base classes and hidden from the developers. The portable version of the software can be found here. Here are some key features of “SNMP Agent Builder”: · The first Java SNMP product to support both DES and strong 128-bit AES encryption algorithms · Complete SNMPv3 USM support, including HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA, CBC-DES, CFB128-AES-128, CFB128-AES-192, CFB128-AES-256 algorithms · Support for master/subagent architecture based on standard AgentX technology · Support for building Windows Extension Agent · Greatly reduces complexity of agent development. Many tricky SNMP issues are hidden from developers. · Many optimization techniques are employed to create high performance agents · Conformance to SNMP RFCs · Support for dynamic row creation and deletion · Small-footprint agents · IPv6 support · Easy-to-understand configuration file format · Re-configurable at run time · Multihome Interfaces support · VACM-like support for SNMPv1/v2c agents. Different community strings can be associated with different MIB views. · Runtime Environment: J2SE (version 1.3+), J2EE and J2ME CDC (Note: SNMPv3 AES encryption is not supported in J2ME CDC) Requirements: · JDK · At least 32 MB RAM Limitations: · 30 days trial

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