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Smart Action Pro 1.24.3 TrialSmart Action Pro is a SharePoint-ready component for Ultimate Forms that aims to automate common tasks in order to increase productivity and enhance workflow in an organization. It can be used for implementing business workflows without having to write a single line of code. The component seamlessly integrates with the latest versions of the SharePoint Server, enabling business professionals to schedule and prioritize processes in an efficient manner. Using Smart Action Pro, you can build and run various actions, which are executed on user command or in a specified amount of time. Tasks you define can include managing list items (creating, updating, deleting or copying) on any site, sending e-mail messages to other users, creating subsites from a template, executing procedures stored in a database (MS-SQL, Oracle, ODBC or OLE DB) or interacting with Active Directory to manage users and groups. Additionally, it can run PowerShell scripts, print the items in a list and send them via email or save them to the server, as well as manage permissions for users and group members. A task can be initiated or not, provided the user-defined conditions are met. All the actions are rule-based, thus programming experience is not a must and the usage is completely browser-based. Jobs can be organized into different groups in order to generate comprehensive business processes and ‘Action’ fields can be created in SharePoint in order to make all the tasks visible to all the users, with additional options for allowing them to decide about the ones that should be performed and the ones that shouldn’t. Smart Action Pro aims to enhance the functionality of SharePoint, enabling you to accomplish your objectives in timely fashion.
Your lists can now perform a multitude of actions for you, from updating list items or external databases to creating sites and managing permissions. Users will have the possibility to assign actions to their list and document library. ]A wide range of actions is provided, from updating any item to creating sites or updating your external applications. Define parameters for each action using your current item’s values. You can even apply functions and simple arithmetics. You also can specify conditions when to run each action according to user identity and item values. Assign each action to an Action field to be viewable to user. More than one Action field can be created in the list, so you can split your actions into groups and show/disable/hide each group using Smart List Pro. When working on an item, your users can see the actions (if not hidden by you) and optionally decide which actions are to be performed when the item is saved/created.
  • Sharepoint 2007/2010/2013
  • 30 days trial period
What’s New 
  • MDS compliance for 2013

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