Sisulizer Free Edition 3.0 Build 342 Freeware

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Sisulizer Free Edition 3.0 Build 342 Freeware

Visually localize your application with this tool

Sisulizer is a handy and user-friendly instrument designed to help you visually localize your software in three simple steps: First, scan the application and locate all of the text Sisulizer can work directly with your .NET assembly, C#, C/C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, Java, VB.NET, Visual Basic apps, or other Windows binary file. PO files, RC, ResX, multilingual windows resources & XLIFF are supported, too. In the WYSIWYG environment you see all components, dialogs & menus. Sisulizer works visually with HTML, compiled HTML Help (chm), and XML. Sisulizer can also grab the text from ini & and other text files. Client and server databases can be localized in five different ways. Sisulizer localizes mobile applications, e.g. .NET for Smart Devices, Pocket PC, and Windows mobile. Second, translate the text with Sisulizer’s visual editor You have complete control over every word to be translated. You can begin the translation yourself and mark each phrase as having been translated properly, auto-translated, translated by best guess, out for review, or complete. Use Sisulizer’s Exchange Wizard to create and send your translator a single file that contains a free self-installing Sisulizer Translation Edition, along with your project file. Sisulizer supports translators with integrated translation memory access, intelligent filters, up-to-date statistics, WYSIWYG & context, interfaces to external translation memory and machine translation, reports, and various validations with easy fix functionality. When your translators have completed the translation, they just run Exchange Wizard to create a single file that they send back to you. Third, build the localized version. Now that your translator has finished translating all strings, and you’ve received your updated file, simply run Sisulizer to build the localized version of your program, in the new language.
Here are some key features of “Sisulizer Free Edition”:
  • Be sure that your translator cannot mess up your translatable content, eg. delete strings, scramble them, or forget some.
  • Translators use the same software as you the developer. Should problems occur, you can easily check what happens, and don’t have to look into an unknown tool for translators.
  • Translators see the context of the text they translate. Less communication, less hassle, and better translation quality which leads to pleased international customers, and pays off in more income, and less support.
  • Pentium CPU or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 40 MB free hard disk space
What’s New 
  • New features:
  • Support for Windows 8.1 added.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 added.
  • Support for .NET 4.5.1 added.
  • Improved features:
  • Windows Forms: Support for DevExpress InformationTips format added.
  • XAML: Bidning values that are inside Setter are scanned.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Delphi: LaResource.LoadNewResourceFile return type changed to HMODULE. It used to be Interger that caused sometimes a crash because of a data overflow.
  • .NET: Sisulizer sometimes failed to compile XAML files when target .NET framework 4.5 or 4.5.1 was used.
  • Segmentation: Sisulizer did not save segmentation rules that were imported using segmentation sheets’s Import button.

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