SiraViewExpress Stable – RC Trial

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SiraViewExpress Stable - RC Trial

A CCTV camera video player.

SiraViewExpress is a useful application designed for the users that use CCTV cameras in order to prevent crimes or record the activity in a certain area. The program allows you to view the video information and to control the playback in order to capture the important details. It can provide a bigger control over the video content and the option to display all the video information. Requirements: · Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable · .Net Framework 4 Extended Limitations: · 30 days trial · Watermark on the image. · ADDED Audio Playback · Storyboard, time-navigation, load from shortcut · ADDED Export now based on FFMPEG. New UI allows selection of multiple streams simultaneously. · ADDED File-based export configurations · ADDED New error code in SiraViewEngine to indicate DLL not found. · FIXED Added handler for exception when loading from UNC path · ADDED Enabled audio in IndigoVision decoder · FIXED IndigoVision decoder audio sync · FIXED AData decoder now loads aj1, aj2, aj3, aj? etc. · UPDATED DecoderBlacklist to DecoderBlocklist · FIXED Exporter no longer discards first frame · FIXED WavePlayer volume no longer reset every time playback is resumed · FIXED Log file contention check fixed · ADDED Concept of linked streams, for use in export · ADDED Dallmeier Decoder plugin · ADDED DRV Decoder plugin · ADDED Config option to prohibit phone-home with load failure reports · ADDED Enhanced load failure reporting. File system is scanned, and files probed with ffmpeg · UPDATED Footpedal config dialog (SVT & SV) now …

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