SingleCrystal 2.2.9 Demo

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SingleCrystal 2.2.9 Demo

Exploring Diffraction Space

From the classroom to the laboratory to the synchrotron: SingleCrystal is the easiest way to visualize and understand diffraction properties of crystals. SingleCrystal is an interactive environment for understanding diffraction properties from individual crystals. In addition, the application features advanced simulation as well as utilities that can measure real diffraction images. SingleCrystal is an elegant program designed to make the world of diffraction, reciprocal lattices and stereographic projections intuitive, interactive and fun! SingleCrystal can simulate X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction patterns from single crystals, as well as being able to display reciprocal lattice sections and stereographic projections. Key diffraction techniques such as Laue, Precession & transmission electron diffraction are simulated, with real-time structure/diffraction rotation and control over sample thickness and instrumental parameters.
  • Nag screen
  • The following functions are disabled: Save your work in a self-contained “session file;” enable automatic preference recording; print, copy or export graphics (choice of vector or pixel formats); read from older file formats; auto-index observed patterns, with the Grid tool; export diffraction data and “Zones Axes” indexing files; show symmetry-related planes & vectors in the stereogram.
What’s New
  • A problem which caused an invalid licence code error when running the Full Installer on existing installations has been fixed.
  • Information regarding the Uninstaller is now correctly written to the Registry when a reboot is required following installation or updating.
  • Fixed bug in installer which caused the check for All User installations to fail; app exit code now distinguishes between an app that was already licensed and one that has just been licensed.
  • When installing on Windows XP systems with the File Associations option selected, the user will no longer have to deal with the Run As dialog and risk seeing spurious crash alerts.
  • NOTE: When performing the Edit > File Associations command on Windows XP systems, the Run As dialog will be displayed by the operating system. You must un-tick (clear) the ‘Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity’ checkbox, or file associations will not be set and a spurious ‘application crashed’ alert will appear.

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