SimplyFile Trial

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SimplyFile Trial

Helps you move email messages to Outlook folders quickly and efficiently

SimplyFile is an intelligent filing assistant. It helps you move email messages to Outlook folders quickly and efficiently. Due to SimplyFile’s unique folder prediction technology, one click of a button is all it takes to send a message to the right folder. From the customers’ reports you will that it has up to 90% folder prediction accuracy. Is your Inbox growing out of control? SimplyFile will help you bring back sanity and order. Healthy Inbox is empty Inbox and SimplyFile will help you get there. SimplyFile includes an advanced algorithm, which quickly learns about your filing habits and then starts to predict where you will want to move every message. So after you train SimplyFile for a bit, filing a message to the right folder becomes literally one click – much faster than drag and drop.
Here are some key features of “SimplyFile”:
  • Files messages to the right Outlook folder with one click of a mouse.
  • Uses an advanced algorithm to learn and adapt to your filing habits.
  • No configuration wizards, no manual setup, no rules to maintain. It just works!
  • Works on sent and received messages.
  • Saves sent messages in any Outlook folder, including Public Folders.
  • Turn messages into Tasks and Appointments with one click of a mouse.
  • Highly optimized for speed and size (Download is only 410KB).
  • 30-day trial
What’s New 
  • Outlook 2010 Ribbon UI support:
  • We have completely redesigned user interface to support Ribbon UI in Outlook 2010. (Note: If you are using an older version of Outlook, you will see the old-style UI). All the commonly used features are accessible right on the Home tab of the main Outlook window. You can also specify which buttons you would like to see on the Toolbar tab of the Options window.
  • The first large button displays the top suggested folder for a given message. Be sure to train SimplyFile to optimize folder suggestion accuracy. After that you’ll be able to file the vast majority of messages by simply clicking this button.
  • The “File In” drop-down provides access to the rest of the suggested folders, as well as to the QuickPick window.
  • And for you, keyboard ninjas, do not forget that you can customize SimplyFile hotkeys in the Options dialog for mouse-free operation.
  • File Thread and Sender commands:
  • “File Thread” and “File Sender” commands are now available as button…

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