SilverSHielD Freeware

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SilverSHielD Freeware

Simple, robust and reliable application that was created as a Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server

SilverSHielD is an application that was created to act as a SSH (SSH2) and SFTP server. It features 3 authentication types (including public-key auth with multiple keys per user) as well as a good SFTP subsystem and channel forwarding. Security features such as a forced delay upon new connection (useful to defeat brute-force attacks) and a handy “tarpit” to ban attackers’ IPs can also be found in the app. Furthermore, it fully supports virtual folders with per-folder security. The remote management console allows you to manage SilverSHielD from anywhere. You can also use the Command-Line Interface (CLI) to remotely configure your SilverSHielD server and integrate its management into 3rd party management tools. NOTE: Free for non-commercial use.
Here are some key features of “SilverSHielD”:
  • Authentication:
  • Keyboard-interactive
  • Password-based
  • Public-Key (supports multiple keys per user)
  • Additional security settings:
  • Ability to force a delay upon new connection, for anti-hammering
  • Put the client IP in tarpit after a definable number of failed authentication attempts
  • Limit access only to certain IP addresses or networks
  • Per-folder permissions on virtual folders
  • Virtual folders can be hidden (but still perfectly functional)
  • Per-user IP security
  • Auto-disable user account after a certain date/time
  • Functions and subsystems:
  • Secure Shell / Command (SSH2)
  • Forwarding
  • SFTP (supports files larger than 4 GB)
  • Compression (Zlib)
  • Administration:
  • Administration is performed though a modern Management Console, included in the download package, which establishes a secure channel with the SilverSHielD server and allows remote configuration of one or many servers
  • Alternatively you can take advantage of the Command-Line Interface (CLI) to integrate SilverSHielD management into your workflow, even using 3rd party management tools (provided such tools can call a command line application)
  • Pentium/Athlon-class CPU or better
  • Recommended 1 GB RAM or more
  • 100 MB free hard-disk space
  • Supports up to 3 connections at a time from a single client computer.
What’s New 
  • Improved: management interface clarity over RDP connections

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