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SFV Checker 2.01 FreeWorking with multi-volume archives is a very popular method to get content from one computer to another. It is a very good alternative to sending enormous files over the Internet, for instance. If the transfer fails due to endless error possibilities, then you’d have to start from scratch. This is where multi-volume comes into play and saves hours and even days of your work. Alongside these multiple archives, another very helpful file can be generated to save more time on the task at hand – the checksum file. If that file is missing though, you can count on specialized software, specifically developed to test your files against CRC-32 errors. By doing this, you will be ensured of the integrity of your files and if one of them is corrupted you won’t need to go through the unpacking process to find out. You can spend that time to re-download that exact segment. SFV Checker may save you minutes to hours on every transfer of multi-volume archives. Erroneous downloads are generally happening over unstable Internet connections such as 56K modems. It displays reports of SFV (Simple File Verification) files and check any given file for inconsistency. Its interface keeps it simple and takes a non-artistic approach. Users will be prompted to drag’n’drop their SFV files and start the checking process. We can also go on and access the File menu instead and load an entire folder or lists of files in order to be verified for CRC-32 errors. The association with SFV files can be made within the Options menu for cutting more time to analyze them. Another very helpful feature of the application refers to the renaming of the “.00x” files as well as the “.part.rar” files to “.rar”, “.r01”, “.r02” and so on. The Sorting selection menu will offer a list of options like Path, Bytes, Type, Status, Checksum or SFV Checksum. SFV Checker is an excellent checksum inspector that takes the job seriously and provides great results. It will surely help you in your daily work with multi-volume archives time-wise and as well as accuracy-related tests. File integrity is the main target and SFV Checker packs all the right tools to aid you on this matter.
SFV Checker is a handy application designed to ensure that your multi-volume file archives are complete and accurate! SFV Checker uses CRC-32 technology to check each file and notifies you of any potentially bad, corrupt, incorrect size or missing files to save you hours of downloading only to find you have 1 file missing or the last file has a CRC checksum error. The CRC value comparison is done by using a standard SFV file. If an SFV file is not available, you can drag and drop the file into the list view to produce the calculated CRC value. An informative report log is generated after file scanning that provides a list of missing and inconsistent files, as well as, a summary for the archive. SFV Checker can also concatenate files in the list and rename multi archives on the fly, e.g. Correct file naming for .001, .002, .003 files into .rar, .r00, r01 files. SFV Checker supports RAR, ARJ, ACE and ALL other Binary/Text file types. NOTE: Free for non-commercial use only. Users that want to purchase a license for commercial purpose can buy one here.
Here are some key features of “SFV Checker”: · Drag and Drop support of files. · CRC32 checking on any file type · Reports contents of .SFV files · Reports Inconsistent Byte Sizes. · Reports files missing. · Create SFV files from file list. · Scan folders for .sfv files and automatically check them. · Concatenate into 1 file for mpeg files or other file types · Correct file naming for .001, .002, .003 files into .rar, .r00, r01 files · Logging of all .sfv’s for future reference · Multi-Threaded processing interface Limitations: · Nag screen What’s New  · Enabled removal of splash for free license. · Fix for uninstall survey and chrome Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application: · Offers to change the homepage for web browsers installed in the system · Offers to change the default search engine for web browsers installed in the system · Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars) that the program does not require to fully function

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