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Screenpresso DemoScreenpresso is an application designed to help you take snapshots and record videos on your computer. This software can also be installed as a portable product. In this case, no changes will be made to your Windows registry keys. Moreover, you can store Screenpresso on a removable device and directly run its executable file on any computer. The interface of the application is clean and intuitive. Screenpresso can be easily accessed from the system tray. So, you can capture a region, previous region, full screen or by using auto-scroll. Plus, you can open a built-in editor to draw arrows, rectangles, ellipses or a magnifying glass, blur a region, add a text box, insert text in a bubble, as well as add images, numbering and highlights. But you can also crop/resize the picture or change the canvas size and add borders, as well as save the respective snapshots in the PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF or PDF format. Videos can have the MP4, WMV, OGV or WEBM extension. However, it requires you to separately install codecs in order to fully function. The simple-to-use application takes up a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, supports keyboard shortcuts and several languages for the interface, and also allows you to share pictures and videos online, once you set up your accounts (e.g. Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr). Unfortunately, this complex software doesn’t come with a help file. Other than that, we strongly recommend it to all users, whether they are novices or experienced.
Screenpresso is a tool designed to help you create screenshots of your desktop screen, edit them and publish the results on the Internet. It comes with a handy drag and drop feature, and also you can use a magnifying glass to gain precision while taking a snapshot.
Here are some key features of “Screenpresso”:
  • Capture:
  • Entire screen, region, window
  • One-click screen capture
  • Scrolling part thanks to stitching mechanism
  • Include cursor in your captures with a zoom factor
  • Perform actions after taking screen shots : open the editor, open the history
  • Manage the clipboard usage after screen shot
  • Automate resizing on every capture
  • You can use the vector-based image editor for annotations only once
  • Video recording is limited to 30 seconds
  • Some image effects are disabled: drop shadows, borders, reflection, rotation, watermark
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • Editor: it is now possible to blur the whole image’s background behind a drawed rectangle or a circle
  • Editor: drawing items are now automatically aligned when then are close from one to one
  • Editor: rotation is available on text items
  • Editor: dash line for arrow, line, rectangle and ellipse available
  • Sharing: added support for Amazon S3
  • “-policies”” command line argument now also generates a .adm files for administrators
  • Better standard compliance fror generated WMV video files

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