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Scrambled Eggs 1.08 FreewareIf you have ever tried to send via email the source code you compiled to a colleague, you might have already found out that it is blocked by the firewall and that the recipient cannot access the attachment. The same thing happens if you try to send a compiled app or Excel macros, as the firewall considers them to be suspicious or even malicious files, so they are blocked. Scrambled Eggs is a highly intuitive and reliable software solution that you can rely on whenever you want to send an attachment and you want to make sure it can also be accessed when it is received. The application basically scrambles the files you select so that they are no longer detected by any firewall as being suspicious, so they are safely delivered.  You simply need to select a target folder for the scrambled files, then drag and drop the documents you want to encrypt over the main window of the app. The output files are generated within seconds, so that you can attach them to your message and send them via email. When the recipient wants to access the attachment, they need to do the same: drag and drop the encrypted files onto the main window of Scrambled Eggs, then get the decrypted files to the chosen folder. Furthermore, due to the application, you can also delete the initial files once they have been scrambled, and this can come in handy if you want to protect their contents and make sure no unauthorized users can open them. All in all, Scrambled Eggs can come in handy to all those who want to add an extra layer of security to their attachments, while also being sure they will not be blocked by any firewall. The encryption and decryption processes go smoothly, and even novices can effortlessly scramble any file they want.
Scrambled Eggs is a small Drag and Drop utility that allows the user to drag files from Windows Explorer and then dropped to the main window to be scrambled to an unreadable state. The scrambled file will now pass through the Firewall where in its unscrambled state it would not. How many times have firewalls prevented your file attachments from going through to their destinations? This nonsense happens because firewalls are suspicious applications – they’re suppose to be – they suspect everyone and all the time. But not everyone is trying to plant a Trojan or some other malware onto our computers and servers. For example, programmer’s source code CAN NOT go through firewalls. Compiled programs CAN NOT go through firewalls. Even macros for Excel, Word and Access CAN NOT go through firewalls. Now, you can scramble these file attachments with a few clicks and get them through ANY firewall any time at all.

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