RTextDoc 1.3 Beta Demo

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RTextDoc 1.3 Beta Demo

A useful, practical and handy editor specially designed for users who need to work with LaTeX and other text documents and convert them to HTML format

RTextDoc is a reliable, straightforward and effective software solution that enables you to edit Latex and text documents in an intuitive interface. Because the application comes with well-organized menus, you have the possibility to quickly edit your documents. Also, it enables you to convert LaTex documents to HTML format.
Here are some key features of “RTextDoc”:
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Grammar checker
  • Section folding
  • Source code editor
  • Some features are unavailable:
  • No LaTeX source code structure browser (left panel)
  • No commands to compile and preview LaTeX files (the menu [Macros] is empty)
  • No auto-update
  • No user dictionaries
  • No equation editor
  • No BibTex editor
  • No user support and access to full documentation
What’s New
  • Autodetection of Latex environment
  • Autodetection of LaTeX error during compilation
  • A new toolbar for quickly launching Latex command

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