Retrospective Portable 3.0.0 Build 2145 Trial

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Retrospective Portable 3.0.0 Build 2145 Trial

An intuitive and user-friendly software utility designed to assist you in managing, searching and tailing log data, monitoring it in real-time

Retrospective Portable is a faster and better way for IT people to manage their enterprise log data. It was initially created simply because there wasn’t any other adequate tool available for the “real-world” problems which our Environment Management , Test and Operations. Whether you develop software, integrate systems, have to carry out massive tests or are in support and struggle with problematic tickets, Retrospective Portable enables you to instantly search through distributed logs and get instant data transparency. Moreover, if you need to monitor various logs in real-time, Retrospective provides you with a “tail” feature that joins the different tailed logs into a single view. Running Retrospective Portable in production environment is completely safe. Retrospective uses a secure SSH protocol to connect to the hosts so that the password cannot be intercepted and it never saves nor uploads any information be it files or log entries from the servers that it is accessing. With Retrospective Portable there is no expensive and time consuming analysis of your IT landscape, building of centralized log storage or complex indexing but just a fast, easy and ad-hoc way to access to your data. You can find the installer version of the application here. Limitations: · 30 days trial What’s New · Ability for searching and tailing logs on servers running various OS · Improved support for accessing logs on servers running Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS Fedora, Suse and FreeBSD · Shell specific optimizations (check and use of different shells: bash, csh, tcsh, ksh, dash) · Retrospective is extensively unit and integration tested for accessing logs · Maximum result data size limit increased from 20 to 1000MB · Simplified User interface and redesigned icons for better usability · Faster log file format auto-detection · Simplified customization of profiles · For this major release, the evaluation period starts from scratch · State of the art installation of Retrospective on Mac · Welcome screen has been improved · Refined search/tail definition panel for standard use but feature-rich for exigent users (simple/advanced mode) · Remote search/Tail gets stopped and proper warning is provided when no line split applies for certain amount of data · General improvements of host manager look and feel · Host compatibi…

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