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RemotelyAnywhere 11.0.2716 Trial RemotelyAnywhere is a professional software application that helps system administrators perform remote operations on multiple computers in a clean working environment. Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, it features a web-based GUI that gives you the possibility to access the program’s features via your preferred web browser. The tool provides a report about a remote computer’s system activity, which contains useful information about system (e.g. CPU, physical memory), network traffic packages displayed in a graph, and log entries. Plus, you can view the running processes on the remote computer with their CPU usage, disk space utilization, scheduled tasks, recent accesses (listed by user, host name, access start and finish time), Hotfixes installed on the computer, as well as journal notes which are sent on the remote computer’s desktop. RemotelyAnywhere gives administrators the possibility to share their PC with another user during presentations or projects, while offering support for keyboard and mouse control and restrictions (e.g. view only-mode). When it comes to remote control operations, the tool lets you resize the remote screen to fit your monitor size, optimize the color depth, switch to a full-screen mode, perform basic editing operations with the Clipboard content (cut and paste), as well as work with documents on the remote machine and print them. The application makes sure all transfers between local and remotely accessed computers are encrypted, while allowing you to copy only the files that have been changed and synchronize items and directories as well. What’s more, you can allow or deny connections from specific IP addresses, set up the protection mode against unauthorized logins, view a log with detailed info about the suspicious connection attempts, as well as use your own SSL security certificate. RemotelyAnywhere offers support for FTP server, which is highly configurable, Telnet and SSH connections, file management operations (view, edit, and execute items), Windows Active Directory settings, email alerts, preset or custom scripts, as well as PDA remote control. Other important features worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to view the event logs for the remote machine, get details about services and edit them, kill the running processes, edit the Registry items, reboot the PC, alter the environmental variables, change virtual memory settings, modify process priorities, chat with other users, blank the screen of the computer for hiding sensitive data, as well as gather data about shared files and folders. A detailed report includes data about the CPU, memory and disk space info, drive and partition details, opened TCP/IP ports, network utilization, list of files currently opened on the remote computer, Registry keys and DLLs in use, and installed utilities. All in all, RemotelyAnywhere offers a complete suite of tools for helping you perform remote network operations, and its intuitive layout makes it an ideal tool for beginners and professionals alike.
RemotelyAnywhere offers industry leading security and performance for remote administration. Join the thousands of companies that trust RemotelyAnywhere for ensuring total access to the systems they manage. RemotelyAnywhere is a powerful remote administration / control tool. Workstation Edition helps system administrators keep IT systems up and computer users happy by offering the industry’s richest remote-support toolkit. Support staff can often detect, diagnose, and solve problems faster than local support using built-in operating system functions. Background access means the user need not be interrupted during the implementation of solutions. Server Edition provides real-time performance, connection, hardware and registry information so you know exactly what’s going on and when. This gives you access to the nuts and bolts of your system so that you can perform the diagnostic tests you need in order to keep your servers running smoothly.
Here are some key features of “RemotelyAnywhere”:
  • Dashboard: Provides a snapshot view of a remote computer’s system activity
  • Guest Invite: Lets you share a PC’s desktop for enhanced collaboration, training, and support
  • Public Key improvements: A centralized interface to help better manage RemotelyAnywhere’s use of SSH Public Key authentication keys.
  • Remote Control: Fast, secure remote control of your host computers desktop and system resources.
  • File Transfer: Secure and easy file transfer between your local and host computers.
  • Layered Security: Including 128- to 256- bit SSL encryption.IP-Address lockout, and user and group-defined access permissions.
  • Server Function: RemotelyAnywhere Workstation Edition and Server Edition come with a valuable set of server tools.
  • Computer Management: Direct, rapid access a server’s diagnostic toolset.
  • Computer Settings: View and modify a number of settings on the remote machine.
  • Scheduling & Alerts: Including scripted, e-mail, or event-triggered alerts.
  • Performance Monitoring: Easy access to all data performance collected by RemotelyAnywhere.
  • General Features: Additional RemotelyAnywhere features.
  • Configuration: All the features of RemotelyAnywhere are fully configurable.
  • PDA Remote Control: Remote control and administration functions via wireless PDA.
  • Internet connection
  • 30 days trial

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