Remote Utilities – Viewer Freeware

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Remote Utilities - Viewer Freeware

You can rely on this software utility to connect to remote computers running RUT Server and to perform various tasks like send a message or transfer files

Remote Utilities – Viewer is a useful tool that is designed to complement Remote Utilities – Server. The application is very easy-to-use and offers users the ability to quickly connect, view and manage remote workstations. NOTE: Free for private uses only. You can access the portable version here. Here are some key features of “Remote Utilities – Viewer”: Wake-on-LAN: · WOL (Wake-on-LAN) is a technology allowing you to remotely switch on a computer with just a one click. Network Map: · It allows you to arrange computers on the network map showing their actual topological location. Shutdown/Restart: · This mode is used to control the basic power supply functions on the remote computer. The following operations are available: Restart the remote computer; Shut down the remote computer; Lock the remote computer; Logoff current user of the remote computer. Inventory Management: · A built-in Inventory Management module enables you to gather hardware and software inventory information from the remote PCs and build complete and comprehensive asset summary and inventory reports. Remote installation: · Remote Utilities has a built-in Remote Installation tool that enables you to automatically deploy the RUT-Server component in a domain network or workgroup environment. MSI-Configurator: · The RUT-Server distribution package is supplied as an MSI file data which is used by the Windows system installer. It allows you to automatically install the RUT-Server in a domain network with the help of a group policy in the server editions of Windows 2000/2003/2008 operating system. Remote Utilities also has a built-in MSI Configurator tool for quick and easy configuring the MSI distribution package before installation. Remote registry: · With the Remote Registry connection mode you can get direct access to the remote computer’s registry and do the necessary edits to the registry. Remote task manager: · Remote Task manager is a connection mode you can use to get access to the list of processes, applications and services running on the remote machine. Remote program execution: · Remote Program Execution is a connection mode that allows you to run an executable file on the Remote computer. Along with Remote Registry and Remote Task Manager this connection mode greatly saves your time eliminating the necessity to connect to the remote desktop every time you need to do routine tasks. Multiple monitors support: · If the remote computer has several monitors, Remote Utilities allows you to view or control them simultaneously in one window or switch to the necessary monitor. Terminal: · The “Terminal” mode allows you to get complete access to the command line on the remote computer. You can enter commands and run programs in the “Terminal” window exactly the same as in the command line of the “cmd” system tool. What’s New  · Fixed: A bug with cascade authorization when using “Connect through Host” feature. · Fixed: A bug that caused the GMS server IP/DNS address to be erased during remote Host upgrade. · Fixed: A bug in the File Transfer mode when connecting to older versions of Host. · Improved: Significantly improved and optimized XML parsing mechanism of the address book. · Improved: Updated Viewer interface. · Minor fixes and improvements.

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