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Recipe4share for Windows 8 FreewareRecipe4share is a Windows 8 application that allows you to share cooking recipes with your friends and other users that own this app. The program provides you with a direct connection to a large online database by using your Microsoft account and an Internet connection. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information that allows you to find almost anything. Culinary recipes are well represented with hundreds of websites that enable you to find ideas for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. share recipe | find recipe instructions | browse ingredient database | recipe | find | share However, most websites have complicated layouts that often include advertisements and additional articles. This tool allows you to bypass the unwanted details and focus on searching recipes. The main window displays a list of the available categories and enables you to browse through the recently added items. If you want to find a certain ingredient, you can use the search field and filter the results by selecting the category and their rating. Besides the list of ingredients, the recipe window provides you with the cooking instructions, preparation steps and a link to the creator web page. However, keep in mind that the listings are not created by professional cooks and some of the details might be missing. Additionally, you have the option to share your favorite recipes with other users by adding your own creations to the database. All you need to do is add the recipe details and the image for the final product. If you present more complicated recipes, the program offers the option to add multiple images for both preparation and instructions sections. The difficulty level can be selected in order to let the reader know how easy it is to prepare the dish. An useful feature is the ability to create a list of all your favorite recipes that you would like to review later. The integration in the Windows Charms menu enables you to print and share the details with some of your friends. Overall, Recipe4share for Windows 8 is a useful tool for any user who wants to share their cooking ideas with the rest of the world. Currently, the app includes lists in four languages which can be selected from the Charms menu.
Recipe4share for Windows 8 is a compact tool that allows you to browse a list of recipes created by other users from across the globe. You can also create your own entry in the database by entering instructions and ingredients for your recipes. The user can easily search for a recipe by name or browse the available categories in order to find main course or desert recipes.
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft account
What’s New
  • It’s now possible to link to another recipe from the recipe directions.

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