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RecentViewerLite 1.0 FreewareEvery time a file is opened in Windows, the operating system records its name and sends it to the ‘Recent’ folder. It is easier and more comfortable to search for a file that you have been working on by exploring the contents of this directory, but there are applications such as RecentViewerLite that can help you quickly find and open recent documents and other types of files. RecentViewerLite provides a quick way to reopen recent files. It automatically reads the contents of the ‘Recent’ folder, enabling you to view all the items in a structured manner. The file name is displayed, along with the file extension and shortcut target, the size, as well as the last modification, creation and access date. With just a click, you can easily launch the file or open the directory that contains it in Explorer. Furthermore, RecentViewerLite can be used as an instrument for cleaning the data stored in the ‘Recent’ directory, thus saving a significant amount of disk space. Nevertheless, the same operation can be performed using Windows Explorer. Aside from this RecentViewerLite offers quick access to the desktop folder, the recent documents, the start menu, while also enabling you to explore the recent files opened with Office applications or the favorite links in Internet Explorer. For all these items, basic management operations can be performed by using the right-click menu. Also, there is an options to copy the grid content to the clipboard or open the generated file using Notepad. Viewing recently accessed files enables you to quickly find and launch documents you have been working or find out how the PC was used by others. RecentViewerLite comes in handy to any computer user, providing you with an alternative to manually performing these actions by accessing the ‘AppData’ folder. With RecentViewerLite, you can view the contents of the ‘Recent Files’ folder, namely a shortcuts list of recently viewed documents, images and so on. Also, it allows you to open the target file, select the file in explorer or see the last access/modified time. RecentViewerLite can be used for viewing the Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts list (may be useful in Microsoft Windows 8).

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