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Race Timer FreewareRace Timer is a software tool which enables you to keep track of multiple contestants at a time, store information pertaining to them and race results. The installation process is smooth, and after you complete it, you come face to face with a simple-to-use and clean interface. It contains a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and a panel for displaying details regarding participants. You can create an unlimited number of contestants and input information such as number, first and family name, date of birth, age, e-mail, team and category. It is also possible to specify if he or she has received payment, is participating or is disqualified. All this data can be copied to the Clipboard, or saved to the hard drive as an XLS or RAC2 file. In the main window, you can view a list of all competitors with a few of the information described above, their start, stop and finish time, and number of laps. You can hide the people that have not been paid, are not participating or are disqualified. The utility enables you to view the local time and date, start the timer for all contestants or only for a specified series, mark when a lap has been completed and stop the timer for one person or all of them. Help contents are not provided, yet seeing how simple the program is to use, it becomes apparent they are not actually needed. To sum up, Race Timer is a handy piece of software for keeping track of all the participants of a running or cycling competition. It is accessible to all, has a good response time and the CPU and memory usage is insignificant.
Race Timer is a compact and useful application that can help you track the race times of multiple contestants. The program is designed to store contact information and race results for  the active or the disqualified racers. The user can export the race results to a text or CSV file in case they might later want to re-use them with other applications.
Here are some key features of “Race Timer”:
  • Unlimited amount of competitors
  • Unlimited laps with split times
  • Support for different groups and categories
  • Results possible to export to common formats
  • Can hold competitor records for reuse
  • Dnf, Not participating and Payment received markings
  • Extremely easy interface
What’s New 
  • prev/next internally uses ‘ok’ before change
  • fixed bug(s) causing participant detail changes not to be
  • saved even modified (always saving now)
  • automatically closing details view on actions

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