QF-Test 3.5.3 Build 5007 Demo

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QF-Test 3.5.3 Build 5007 Demo

Test Java and Web applications using this utility!

QF-Test is designed to help developers and programmers test Java and Web applications. The program provides users with a GUI for testing their application, as well as a debugger tool. Creating a new test suite is a rather easy procedure, but beginner users are advised to read the tutorials. However, the QuickStart Wizard is there to help you with any issue you might encounter. Managing nodes, inserting dependencies, transform nodes and analyzing references are just some of the features that this application comes with. The built-in and intuitive debugger will be an easy to use tool for those who are familiar with debugging programs in Java or other programming languages. Here are some key features of “QF-Test”: · Automated testing of Java and Web applications · User-friendly interface · Reusable tests · Experience with Swing, SWT, Eclipse plugins and RCP applications, ULC, CaptainCasa, Java applets and Java WebStart · Dynamic UI components recognition · Sequential control and modularization · Generate reports · Extensive documentation Limitations: · Save option is disabled · Works for three hours, after which you have to restart · Nag screen What’s New  New features: · Support was added for the AJAX toolkit ICEfaces. · QF-Test can now automatically detect whether a web page is based on one of the supported AJAX toolkits and installs the respective resolver. · Support was added for Firefox versions 24 and 25. · The QF-Test demo video on the welcome dialog now links to the updated video on the QFS home page which is fully redesigned, including spoken explanations. · It is now possible to copy and paste table cells back and forth between QF-Test tables and Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets. · When changing the name of a parameter in callable nodes like a ‘Procedure’ QF-Test now offers to automatically update the variable name in all calling nodes. · The standard library qfs.qft contains several new procedures for working with standard Swing dialogs based on the JOptionPane class in the package qfs.swing.optionpane. Bugs fixed: · Stability of startup of WebStart based clients and compatibility with older WebStart versions was further improved. · Cancelin…

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