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Privacy Protector 1.00 FreewareEnforcing various protective measures for sensitive data is not necessarily a task for advanced users because there are plenty of solutions designed with the beginner user in mind. Privacy Protector is tool designed with the novice in mind to help them prevent prying eyes from taking a gander at their sensitive files and folders. Comprehensive list of features It shelters a comprehensive suite of protection features, which includes hiding and locking folders so that outsiders not have access to the content inside, text and file encryption capabilities. A built-in password manager ensures that the user picks a strong countersign to protect the data. Apart from creating random text strings it can also customize them by adding various symbols, numbers or mixing up the case. Furthermore, it can be configured to make sure that no similar characters are available. To make sure that the password is not easily cracked the application includes the possibility to verify the strength of the countersign; a list of good password practices is also displayed. File encryption and decryption can be done easily by providing the target item and the output folder for its protected counterpart. Once you have the encrypted file you can discard the original. Advanced settings The security provided by Privacy Protector is not limited to files and folders and it extends to removable storage devices, too. The application can restrict writing on these devices so that no one can tamper with the data on them. This function comes in handy especially if malware tries to travel to your computer by sneaking up on the removable storage device and waiting for it to be connected to the machine. Conclusion Privacy Protector is not too difficult to use but in some cases it may not provide top notch security as some of the measures it imposes can sometimes be overridden through simple workarounds.
Privacy protector is smart solution to take control of our files and folders. You can hide or unhide folders and you can encrypt your text files with pass and you can lock or unlock folders or even you can encrypt and decrypt files with any extension or you can hide files inside image or you can stop all exe programs from working.

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