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Postpwn for Windows 8.1 FreewareWhen you browse the web, you might not always have time to thoroughly study an article, so you need to leave it for a later time, when you can properly analyze it and this where Postpwn for Windows 8.1 comes in. It is an application that can be run solely on Windows 8.1 and it enables you to enjoy the news they discover, at the moment you choose. In order to use Postpwn, you first need to create a Pocket account, where you can create bookmarks online, on any device where you are logged in.  In addition to adding articles via the online account, you can also send interesting stories to Postpwn while browsing the web with the Metro version of Internet Explorer. As soon as you find an entertaining article, simply access the Share Charm (either press Win+H, or select the Share option from the Charms Bar, that can be launched by pressing Win+C). The interface of the application is user-friendly, so you can easily explore the added items and start reading them. If you want to come back to an article you already went through, you can do so by accessing the Read section within Postpwn. Furthermore, when you come across to an amazing piece of news that you want to save, you can add to the Favorites list and enjoy whenever you choose. When reading a story, you can adjust its font size as you see fit, as well as launch it in a browser if you are not satisfied with the way it is displayed within the app. All in all, Postpwn for Windows 8.1 comes in handy to all those who like to take the time when reading interesting news, especially if they already use their Pocket account to save their bookmarks.
Postpwn for Windows 8.1 is a Pocket (formerly known as Read it later) client application that lets you read your pocketed websites. You can also favorite the ones you like, archive the ones you’ve read and delete the ones that didn’t quite live up to what you thought. Postpwn for Windows 8.1 can also share websites with Pocket through Metro IE, for those times when you haven’t got the time to read. Blaze through your saved pockets with this neat app!
  • Internet connection
  • Pocket account

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