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Portable Sound Valley FreewarePortable Sound Valley is designed to help you relax during long working hours by providing a playlist of nature sounds that allows you to really enjoy a break and recharge your energy. The ultimate goal is to improve productivity and make never-ending working sessions more bearable. The application’s appearance is similar to that of a standard music player, except that you are lot allowed to import your own audio files. The playlist is already defined and you can choose between beautiful sounds of the forest in daytime or at night, rain (accompanied or not by thunders) and the sea. The main window also comprises options that enable you to quickly jump to the next or the previous track, pause or stop the playback, as well as adjust the volume level or activate playlist shuffling mode. Also, you can adjust the scene duration, which means that a track can be played for a few minutes or in infinite loop. Portable Sound Valley can also play the role of a pause reminder, notifying you when it’s time to take a break from work, so that your eyes don’t get tired. It allows you to set the working time interval and configure the break periodicity and duration according to your preferences. In addition to this, it features power task scheduling functionality, which enables you to instruct the application to send shutdown or log off commands to the computer. This comes in handy when you want to listen to beautiful nature sounds before going to sleep or taking a nap during the day. As the portable version of Sound Valley, this application can be launched without requiring installation, directly from a removable drive. Portable Sound Valley bundles a collection of sounds meant to bring nature on your desktop. It provides a way to use sound therapy as a relaxation method. Furthermore, the integrated break reminder alerts you when it’s high time to pause your work, close your eyes for a minute and enjoy sounds of nature.
What’s New 
  • Added:
  • Sound volume boost adjustment;
  • Simple but nice visualization. Try to use it full screen and in a dark room;
  • Enhanced:
  • Some small changes inside the core engine;

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